Integrity Leadership Solutions, LLC - Realizing Human Potential Through Effective Communication
Welcome!  Integrity Leadership Solutions (ILS) is an independent consulting business providing human resource development solutions.  We are dedicated to the promotion of understanding and respect for diverse personality styles.
ILS exists to provide ethical tools, strategies, and learning designed to improve human interactions and working relationships, as well as enhance personal and professional growth.
We encourage you to reflect upon the questions below.  If you or your organization are looking for ways to develop or take your communication skills to a higher level, we invite you to learn how ILS can meet your specific needs!
  • How can you communicate more effectively with coworkers, family, and friends?
  • How well do you or your team members interact with one another and accomplish tasks?
  • How can you be a more effective leader?

  • What tools can I use to help make more informed career choices?

  • How do I use the information to decide on a college major?

  • What can I do to explore potential career options?

  • How do I transition into a different career?

  • How do I effectively write a cover letter and resume to communicate my skills and qualifications?
Benefits for you or your organization include improved:
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Morale
  • Clarity and Confirmation
  • Productivity and Efficiency
Phone: 317.446.5203 • Fax: 317.862.0130
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