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Career Development
Career Planning
Your career path continues here!  So much of life is spent working yet reflection on this part of life is often neglected.  For high school and college students, it is crucial to be proactive and take initiative to begin the career exploration process early.  These young adults will make more informed career choices by simply investing some time to generate data and contemplate important aspects regarding the world of work.
For adults, engaging in career planning can prove to be just as rewarding.  The Career Planning process provides a logical structure to answer questions like, "How do I see myself?", "How do others see me?", "What are my options?", and "What are my goals, and how can I obtain them?"  Adults will be more confident when making decisions regarding career exploration, career enrichment or career transition.
Both young adults and adults are encouraged to embrace the Career Planning process.  The process consists of four steps - Assessing, Verifying, Exploring, and Planning - and provides a wonderful structure to meet client goals.  Each step feeds into the next, and the process is reiterative throughout one's life.
Career Planning Program
Session 1: Initial Consultation (1 hour)
  • Determine individual needs and assessment tools
  • Review Career Planning process (AVEP)
  • Distribute Process Guide and assessment instructions
Session 2: Assessment Feedback (1-2 hours)
  • Distribute comprehensive reports
  • Review client results in detail
  • Prepare for assignment
Session 3: Tree of Life™ (1 hour)
  • Discuss Tree of Life™ data
  • Review assignment
  • Determine next steps
  • Develop action plan
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
~ Chinese Proverb
Career Planning Objectives
Upon completion of the Career Planning program, clients will be able to:
  • Describe and utilize the Career Planning process.
  • Define and prioritize nine important career elements.
  • Develop a vocabulary using one's self-assessment data.
  • Identify and communicate one's career interests using all data.
  • Determine next steps, and develop an action plan.
Assessment Tools
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is a world renown and highly trusted personality tool used for understanding individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others.  It is a powerful and highly effective career planning tool that enables clients to more fully explore the world of work.  For more than 50 years it has been backed by extensive research and data.  With your confirmation, the results can provide tremendous insight into potential career options.
Strong Interest Inventory®
The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment is the gold standard for helping you in your search for a fulfilling career.  The Strong is a research-validated tool which can provide profound insight for high school and college students, as well as adults who are in the process of making informed, career decisions.  It generates an in-depth assessment of your interests among a broad range of educational subjects, occupations, as well as work and leisure activities.  The Strong empowers you to discover your true interests so you can better identify, understand, and often expand career options.
The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior® (FIRO-B®) assessment helps you understand how your need for inclusion, control and affection can shape your interactions with others at work or in your personal life.  The FIRO-B provides insight and clarity for clients who are making career decisions between the technical and administrative tracks.
Tree of Life™
The Tree of Life™ pertains to a series of self-assessment exercises in which you analyze nine elements that influence career decisions. You will define each career element and determine its respective priority.  This tool was adapted, with permission, from the work of Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?.
Cover Letter & Resume Development
Make a good first impression with a great cover letter!  The purpose of writing a cover letter is to bring attention to your resume and ultimately, secure an interview!  A cover letter serves as an extension of your resume and is a reflection of you.  Therefore, take time to tailor your cover letter to the specific position for which you are interested.  Why are you a good match for the job?  In this case, one size does not fit all.
According to the experts, an initial impression of your resume is usually made within 7 seconds!  That's not much time to make a positive, first impression.  Beyond appearance, the content of your resume is even more important!  The onus is on you to communicate your skills and qualifications in a way that motivates the employer to invite you for an interview.  The heart of a resume lies within your achievements and accomplishments.  Choose your words carefully and always look for connections between your skills and the needs of the desired position.  Market yourself wisely and be able to communicate specific, detailed examples of how you've used your wonderful skills!

A resume is an excellent marketing tool when considering career options.  Whether you are writing a resume for the first time or updating one for the tenth time, a career consultant will personally assist you in writing or updating your resume.
Interview Consulting
Going through the interview process can be extremely stressful!  With this service, you are prepared to confidently answer targeted questions using the behavioral-event interview technique.  You will also learn how to use the P-A-R method to effectively answer interview questions.  If desired, a practice interview can be videotaped.  The career consultant will review the practice interview with you and provide specific, candid feedback.
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